Thursday, 6 March 2014

59. Make Believe

The Internet is a funny thing.

If you see enough "evidence" of something, you're bound to eventually believe it. I can make you, dear reader, believe a number of "truths" about me that may not necessarily be true at all, simply from my choice of words and photographs. Of course, many of you reading will be people that I already know - from school, university or work. But what of the category of persons not slotting into any of those descriptions?

If I quote enough Wordsworth or Rushdie or de Beauvoir, I could make you believe that I'm miles more well read than I actually am. If I constantly redirect you to my Facebook and Instagram feed, but not before carefully curating both to display only photographs of tropical holidays, luxury acquisitions and nights out, I could make you believe that I have more money than I actually do. If I chose to speak exclusively of my successes or accolades during this project, I could make you think one of two things: that I am extremely lucky/gifted/intelligent/all of the above, or that I am a narcissistic, attention-hungry fool.

During this project, I have been lucky enough to engage in thought-provoking discussion with people whom I have never met, and for that I am incredibly grateful. But based solely on this past two months' worth of content, what do you believe to be the solid facts about my person beyond my name (which floats cozily between "what" and "thought" at the top of the page)? More interestingly, is there anything which you, dear reader, may wish to call my bluff on? Do you think I've lied, or at least exaggerated, somewhere?

Comment below - anonymously, if you wish.


  1. What's the story behind the picture?

    1. The first one or the second one?

      I chose the first as an example of the ways in which people tend to display their lifestyles on social media (not a bad thing in itself, by the way). What I find interesting about these photos, however, is that the person posting them often has a clear motive for doing so - the (carefully crafted) message seems to be "My life is pretty amazing, see?"

      As for the second, I just thought it was a cool illustration which tied in with not seeing the full picture of a person on social media.