Sunday, 2 March 2014

55. To Fade

Fade | fād |

1. gradually grow faint and disappear: the light had faded and dusk was advancing | the noisefaded away| figurative hopes of peace had faded.

2. lose or cause to lose colour or brightness:no obj. ] his fair hair had faded to a dusty grey | with obj. ] (usu. as adj. faded:faded jeans.
3. (of a flower) lose freshness and wither.
4. (fade away(of a person) gradually become thin and weak, especially to the point of death: without help, those of us who are ill will surely fade away and die.
5. (of a racehorse, runner, etc.) lose strength and cease to perform well:she faded near the finish.
6. (of a vehicle brake) become temporarily less efficient as a result of frictional heating. the brakes faded, needing a firmer push to bring the car to halt.

Whoever spearheaded the incorporation of the verb into everyday slang as a vocalisation of one's sentiment following excessive alcohol consumption clearly did their homework.

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