Tuesday, 18 February 2014

43. The End Goal

Nowadays, I find myself asking the people around me what their end goal is when they announce a desire to obtain or achieve something. You want to go for that high-paying City job? What's the conclusion? You want to travel the world? What do you hope to get from that? You want to change your approach when meeting new people? What's your desired end result?

It's also a question I regularly ask myself in respect of my career aspirations, relationships with the people I choose to surround myself with, and other basic day-to-day choices. In doing so, I am more concerned about checking myself and really thinking more deliberately about my thought processes than acting and reacting frivolously to whatever I encounter. Of course, one's careful thinking cannot control the outcomes of every single event entièrement, but at least (for me, anyway) there is comfort in deliberation - analysis of risk, weighing up of positive and negative factors, consideration of asset and liability.

What's the end goal for this project? I have a few ideas tucked away in my mind. Perhaps I'll let you know in 17 days' time.

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