Thursday, 6 February 2014

31. The Motives of Making Money.

Gs; or
cash moula (my personal favourite).

So many words for the pieces of metal and paper that are exchanged globally and frequently in varying forms: pound sterling here, Euros, Pesos, Dollars, Renminbi or Cides there. For many, the process required for obtaining regular instalments of money is daily toil - whether in the office, in the laboratory, on set or on site, usually only obtainable in exchange for some type of service in return (also known as the nine to five). But what's it for?

1. Security - as suggested in the "Sex/Cash Theory" HERE

2. Small luxuries - even though I said that "Things" aren't by and large important HERE, it doesn't hurt to treat one's self to something enjoyable, such as a memorable city break or well-crafted fashion item.

3. Helping others - because what's the point in gathering stacks and stacks of money in your account like a squirrel collecting nuts or blowing hundreds/thousands on random commodities when you can make it do more for other people?

4. Making more (investing) - also spoken about in our earlier discussion on the Afridicto. A pretty wise move considering money doesn't grow on trees. This will probably occur in conjunction with numbers 1-3 and 5.

5. Power/status - sounds relatively negative in the first instance, but there is an undeniable correlation (discounting the obvious contenders: Mother Teresa, the Pope or Jesus on the one hand, fluke lottery winners on the other hand) between those who have the most money and those who have the most power in this world. And I am almost certain that there is a viable argument for the relationship between high net worth and general life struggle.

I'll leave it at number 5, because I think that a more in-depth discussion is to be had on the many points arising from it: poverty, upward mobility, hierarchical systems, influence and clout, et cetera, et cetera.

Are there any other motives for making money that I have missed out on?


  1. I've come to have desired and resonate with all of the above answers at certain stages of my life so far, in order;

    Number 5 - Being in my teens, highly selfish and having no solid understanding of money.

    Number 1 - In feeling the burden of being unemployed and the stress it brings.

    Number 2 - For when I first attained considerate money and luxuries were now attainable.

    Number 3 - In realising that helping gives me a great satisfaction and also aids in avoiding greed.

    Number 4 - On realising that money needs management and also respect.

    Other reasons for myself are;

    To invest in myself.
    To learning something new, weather it be from a book, or a skills workshop. There's something about learning a new life skill that I find euphoric, and extremely meaningful.



    1. Really interesting breakdown - definitely agree with you. A lot of people don't like to admit to number 5 but I'd say most at some point have recognised the perks of being considerably wealthy.

      Investing in one's self - spot on. *To self* why didn't I include that??