Sunday, 12 January 2014

7. The Nth Thought, Pt. I

I have labelled this post as such because, even though I have reached day 7 of my project, my current stream of thought is obviously not my "7th" since last Monday. We're thinking all the time, processing information both consciously and unconsciously all the time, reading (newspapers, books, websites, instructions, advertisements, tweets, Facebook posts and the like) all the time and - for many people - writing something, however menial, every single day.
As far as reading goes, I have already acknowledged the words "Babyliss", "woman" "Barack", "Bleak", "February", "code", Law, "love", "second", 'Machiavelli" and "grace" in the past few seconds by simply glancing around my bedroom. So this is the "Nth thought"; the numerical value of which I will never be able to completely ascertain.

I want to explore this idea of the Nth power in more detail at a later point in time and so Part II of this post will come about in due course, but I thought I'd take a minute just to reflect on it.

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