Wednesday, 29 January 2014

24. Deliberate Practice and The 10,000 Hour Rule

The laws of deliberate practice dictate that in order to effectively develop a skill, one must practice with purpose. That means not writing in a 30-minute sitting because it's what you've told yourself you must do, but rather spending ten or 15 minutes proactively, diligently and deliberately moulding your craft. That said, my tendency to over-subscribe myself has caused me to sacrifice my usual "writing time", and so I am currently sitting cross-legged at my laptop, (proverbially) ripping my hair out in last-minute frustration for want of something - anything - to say.

In order not to bombard you with empty quantity as opposed to substantial quality, I'm not going to write much more. If you haven't before come across the ideas of deliberate practice (or the similar 10,000 hours theory which complements it), I'd recommend reading the articles linked HERE and HERE.

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