Wednesday, 29 January 2014

23. One Minute

One minute to produce a well-informed, highly researched and smartly executed essay on ex or why or Zed was not enough. Sixty seconds to share something which could inspire a mind or more was not enough, but in that time around the world were 250 births, 107 deaths, five earthquakes and three violent crimes.

I often wonder what goes on outside of my "world" and in the worlds of others in various location around the world. As I suggested in Day 2's post ("Autopilot" - 7th Jan 2014), it's extremely easy to get stuck in a grey-coloured rut, performing the same actions daily, wasting time, and not maximising the sixty seconds each minute gifts us with. So much can happen in the space of a minute that it's almost offensive that we should flick the "OFF" switch at any point during our waking hours. Assuming that it took you less than sixty seconds to read this post, what will you do with the rest of your minute?

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