Thursday, 16 January 2014

11. Check Yourself.

When was the last time someone said something to you which made you check yourself? Made you stop and question yourself?

Compliments are nice, but there always comes a point where too many lead to overkill. A bit like a cake with too much frosting, or a made-up face with too much colour or shimmer. I'm always slightly suspicious of the one who will only congratulate and never critique me, because I usually find that the ones who can speak honestly to me each time I fall short are the ones who have my best interests at heart.

Sometimes I crave the criticism - the bad with the good. Sometimes I want to hear what I've done horrendously wrong, what I need to work harder on, or what I need to change or re-consider - whether it be my work, my beliefs, or my every day actions. Sometimes we need someone to come at us, grab our fronts and shake us up (but not literally though, please) - particularly if we've been running on "autopilot" for too long or resting on our laurels.

Make me check myself. That's all.

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